RecessPlanet is a social marketplace for unique health & wellness experiences in your area! Learn more here or send us an email at with specific questions!

Glad you asked. We've given the best health & wellness coaches in the world the tools they need to operate their own group health & wellness experiences. These coaches determine a time, place, and activity and sell spots to athletes like you and I. Athletes or other coaches attending these workouts can build their RecessPlanet community by subscribing to their favorite coaches and adding other users to their Tribe. Subscriptions to coaches keep you up to date on new workout classes near you, while Tribe relationships are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to workout with your friends.

RecessPlanet coaches and athletes can add other coaches or athletes to their "Tribe" thereby establishing a 1-1 relationship in which both parties receive updates on the others RecessPlanet activities. We've designed Tribe to make it as easy as possible for you to sync your health & wellness schedule with those you'd like to see more often. When your Tribe members book a workout, you receive a notification inviting you to join them! Two clicks and you have a memorable experience on the calendar with a friend.

Of course! We allow RecessPlanet members to book more than one spot in a given workout session and bring their friends along for the experience. Be aware that by doing so, you assume responsibility for your friends conduct as per our terms.

Please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We're looking for the best personal trainers, professional atheltes, weekend warriors, yogis... if you have a great fitness class idea, a place to lead it, and the drive to consistently provide quality experiences to your customers, then sign up now.

Simply sign up, verify your identity, add a new workout and start your RecessPlanet journey.

We request that all coaches verify their identity before leading a workout on the RecessPlanet platform. This helps athletes trust that you are you and keep the RecessPlanet community safe. Verification is a simple 3-step process facilitated by our vendor, Shuftipro.

  1. After accepting their terms, you first will be prompted to verify your phone number by entering a numerical pin sent to you in a text message.
  2. Second you will be asked to take a live picture of a valid form of identification. This includes your drivers license, passport, or other valid government ID.
  3. Lastly you'll be asked to take a live picture of your face.

And that's it! We never store any copies of your government ID, nor the selfie you take during verification.

We process all payments and payouts through Stripe. Once you've posted a workout with upcoming individual sessions (ex. "Yoga on the Beach" with 3 upcoming sessions) those sessions are available for athletes or other coaches to book. These booking payments for each session are collected before the day of the session and paid out to your checking account 3-5 business days after the session in question occurs. If you haven't yet set up your checking account by the day of the workout, you'll be emailed a reminder to do so with the total amount you are owed.

As long as you've set up your checking account you'll get paid for each workout session 3-5 business days after it occurs.

That really depends on your area! RecessPlanet workouts take place in rented studios, gyms, rooftops, big apartment balconies, public parks, beaches, state parks, back yards... The possibilites are endless. Get creative! If you need help finding a location in your area and would like to collaborate with us, reach out at

  1. PeerSpace - unique space rental
  2. Contact us at with suggestions or feedback!

You cannot remove a review once its been posted. We only allow athletes who have participated in one of your workouts to post reviews, and want to cultivate a community of trust.

Cancelled workout sessions will result in an automatic refund to all participating athletes and a notification to the group. Workout sessions should only be cancelled when:

  1. a) weather makes leading the session unsafe
  2. b) personal injury prevents the coach from leading the session
  3. c) the coach has rescheduled and communicated with all participating athletes
If you cancel a workout that athletes have already booked, we will reach out to you to determine the reason for the cancellation. As cancellations can be detrimental to athletes schedules, multiple cancellations without sufficient proof of any of the aforementioned reasons could result in removal of your workout and suspension of your account.

We at RecessPlanet have a devoted marketing team getting the word out there for you, but if you'd like to take matters further into your own hand you can always share your workout listing to your social network or request business cards from us through the "Business cards" tab under the coaching dashboard of your coach profile. These business cards include your name, your title of choice (CPT, NCAA Champion, Yogi, etc.) and the workout genres you coach (yoga, HIIT, cycling, etc.) along with a QR code that directly leads potential athletes to a list of all your upcoming sessions on your profile page! Only verified coaches with at least five upcoming workout sessions are eligible for business cards.

Any RecessPlanet athlete is allowed to book spots in your upcoming sessions, unless you explicitly block a user. If your workout is only suitable for certain individuals, please make that explicitly clear in your workout description.

Please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

You have full control over who sees your schedule in your settings page. By default, anyone in your Tribe will receive notifications when you book and upcoming workout and will be able to see your upcoming workout calendar. People outside of your network are by default unable to see your schedule.

RecessPlanet session bookings are non-refundable, unless your coach cancels the session before it occurs. If your workout is cancelled for whatever reason you will receive a full refund.

Each RecessPlanet listing has a "What to Bring" tab that coaches use to help you best prepare for your experience. If your coach has left this section vague or empty you can send them or your whole class a message to clarify. As general good practice, you should wear workout clothes appropriate for where the workout will occur (and befitting the weather if the session occurs outdoors) and bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated.

Some coaches will either take photos for you during your workout or arrange for a professional to be present during the session to do so. Coaches will inform you of this ahead of time. If you have any questions about a given session, please message your trainer directly. You are always welcome to take your own pictures and share them with your Tribe after your session is over.

Please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!