Our mission

To unite health and wellness junkies through unique fitness experiences envisioned and owned by the best fitness professionals in the United States.

Our audience

RecessPlanet has two user groups: athletes and coaches.


...are people who would like to unwind with sunrise yoga on the beach, challenge themselves with bite-sized obstacle course races in their local park, expand their consciousness with sunset meditation on a penthouse balcony, and share experiences like these with friends, old and new.


...are the entrepreneurial fitness professionals envisioning and leading experiences like the ones listed above. The graduated college athlete who wants to lead a perfect running form workshop, calisthenics devotee who is confident she can teach anyone how to do a muscle-up, and the yogi that wants to venture out on his own are all RecessPlanet coaches.

How it works

1) Coaches create content

Our platform handles all of the financial, legal, marketing, and tech support that a normal fitness studio would, just at scale. By doing so we allow coaches on the platform to do what they do best: come up with and lead incredible fitness experiences. By virtue of being a software start-up, we're able to properly compensate these coaches - they make what they charge, and they get all the credit. Athletes who loved a given class can follow the coach that owns it and leave them reviews, growing that coach's brand and credibility.

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2) Athletes book spots

We like working out, but we love working out with our friends. Yet before founding RecessPlanet, we found it difficult to coordinate our workout schedules with our friends'. So we've added a slew of social features to make this as straight-forward as possible. As an athlete, you build your Tribe by adding other athletes on the platform. Once someone is in your Tribe, they get notifications when you book workouts and vise-versa. Each notification is a chance to connect with a friend in a new and challenging setting. Once you've finished a workout, athletes can memorialize their expeirence with a post shared with their Tribe. Posts include pictures from your workout, stats about your performance, and shoutouts to the friends you worked out with. Posts by members of your Tribe will show up on your home page and help keep you up-to-date on your friends workouts and choose which classes to book next.

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Where we're at

We're based in New York and intend to start offering classes on our platform by early September, 2019. If you identify with our mission, we warmly welcome you to become a coach or an athlete, and reach out to us at hello@recessplanet.com with any pointers or suggestions. We're always up to grab a coffee and chat fitness!

Who we are

We're techie fitness junkies that see group fitness differently

Nice to finally meet you! We're Tariq and Omar. We were both working at banks in New York City and getting by with the group fitness classes available around us. We found some we loved, some we didn't care for, and always had trouble coordinating our schedules with eachother and our other friends.

At some point, Tariq and his friend Dylan started leading bootcamp workouts in Central Park every Saturday. 10-15 of our friends and friends' friends would gather at 10:00 am to sprint, plank, squat, box-jump, and burpee our way through the am, then break for pancakes, coffee and conversation afterwards.

We'd struck gold - the workouts were tougher, more fulfilling (sun on your skin and fresh air in your lungs) and inherently more social. Purely by virtue of being outdoors, we were forced to interact with eachother more directly. New friendships emerged, and all of us went back to our work-week with fresh eyes. We started seeing things about our conventional group fitness routines we didn't like. Many of the classes on offer felt transactional and did little to encourage interaction between participants. We felt like hamsters on a wheel during our workouts every bit as much as we had when we were at our desks earlier in the day.

After talking to some of our favorite trainers we realized that they were dissatisfied too. We found that most group fitness instructors and personal trainers barely made enough to get by, and that out of the thousands of dollars each group fitness class brought in, they frequently walked away with less than $50 in compensation. So we built RecessPlanet to give those creating the most value in the health & wellness ecosystem the tools to build their own futures, and those passionate about their services a better platform to get access to the resulting experiences.